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  • Production of facial skin masks: recipes

    MaskA easiest way to prepare a cover for the face - crushed fresh fruits or fruits, and immediately put on the facial skin. If crushed vegetables or fruits are juicy enough, may be added to a slurry, milk. If the slurry, on a contrary, too thin, it is added floury. It is also convenient to put whole items of orange, medium tomato, cucumber and lemon. If a consistency of a mask is a extract, so it is applied how follows: a piece of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in juice, a small squeeze and put on the face and neck skin. Instead of gauze can be used a thin layer of cotton wool. It is possible to just grease the skin of fruits and apples juice, leaving it on the face for 15-20 min. And It is possible to combine the juice with rice, almond bran, wheat mealy.In a winter it is recommended to add a skin mask olive butter or glycerin. The cover of slurry is used to the skin with a thick layer (a increased suction capacity of the skin). These masks and face care covers contain lots of vitamins and are used primarily to improve a nutrition of a face.However, if the skin is irritated, calm her cool cover with cucumber, if the "tired" for a work 7 days how you are and become flabby - cheer up burning a cover with the items of bees (propolis). If the cold on your face began to appear long-standing colored spots, create a weekly paraffin wax - it will strengthen the superficial circulation and deep defects gradually "dissolve". A duration of this process -15-20 min. But if the facial skin is dilated blood vessels, paraffin can not be used.Homemade facials and masks covers (covers homemade). Covers for varied face typesMasks with sour fluid for the facial skinFace masks with olive oilRefreshing face maskExfoliating Masks for skinWhitening facial covers at homeCovers for all skin types. Home recipes for skin coversMasks for young facial skin. Recipes household masksCovers for very dry face. Home recipes for face coversMasks for rule facial skin. Recipes household coversGuide to a masks. Kinds and types of face coversSkin covers out of clay. Healing Clay Facial skinWinter Masks for fase - facials winterCosmetic face cover mechanical actionFace masks of natural honey: natural honey coverMasks for young facial skin: homemade recipesAnti-aging creams and covers for faceFace masks for acne and blackheadsCover alignment complexionMasks for skin wrinklesCleansing facials and masks coverCover for aging facial skinCovers and skin care scrubs cornLike posts:Mask Masks for fase acneCover Face look after pregnantMask Facials and masks after 30 years.

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