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    MaskIf you keep dry skin from nature, or it has get a result of a other reason, try to lubricate her vitaminized serum to three times per day, focusing on beautiful lines. The fluid may be applied repeatedly even in the case when, of the 20 min of treatment you will not find a trace of him.For aging skin cream is effective with lower water content. Of the such preparation on the skin must remain easy fat trace.For dry skin with pronounced age-related changes needed vitamin fat cream. Apply it good using a tampon soaked in salted aqua. Several times a week fluid application is recommended to combine with self-massage.Owners of fat and porous skin need clear it earlier any application of cream. This may be done by means of special cosmetic lotions or chilled broth of herbs (sage, horsetail). In a similar manner to remove excess serum in 20-Thirty minutes.To those who enjoy not only to greasy facial skin, but as well dense in its structure, it is correct to give preference to liquidity creams, emulsions and fluids.In addition, experts suggest, from time to time to change a form of the producer or serum, depending on a time of year, the intensity of solar insolation and a cosmetic composition.Similar posts:Mask Facials and masks reasonableMask Masks and skin care at nightMask Face upkeep tips beautician.

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